We provide comprehensive security solutions for your home or business, offering a broad range of options, including Door access controls, CCTV and security focus camera systems, Door Entry, and Intercoms.

It’s important to have a security set up that can provide you with a safe and protected space, whether industrial, residential, or commercial, security is essential. SEL Mechanical & Electrical can help you stay up to date with your security solutions throughout Worksop, Retford, Doncaster, Sheffield, and the surrounding areas.

We have several security options available for installation, including access control, CCTV and camera options, door entry equipment, and intercoms. An effective assortment of these options can provide powerful coverage to ensure that your property remains safe, no matter what property you need to protect and where it is located.

Access controls are electronic door controls that limit access to a space, they can be used to manage access to your property, a specific area of your property, or can be used to control your access in whatever way you need to manage it. Access controls are a great way to ensure that you can stay safe and secure in your home, workplace, or industrial property. When compared to a traditional lock and key, which can be picked, duplicated, or bypassed, modern access control methods are much more effective and more offer enhanced protection.

Access control can cover a range of physical equipment, from systems that can monitors pass code inputs, through to smart card detection devices that can detect if you have the card needed for entry.

We can ensure that you have the right options designed and installed, with our great range of advanced access control technology. We have up-to-date equipment that excels for home protection, workplace protection, and can be used to protect any industrial properties.

We also have a great range of CCTV and security focused camera systems available for your security. Closed Circuit Television is an effective way of monitoring the security of your home, work, or any space you own, helping prevent crime.

CCTV can come in a range of different varieties, including different camera types that focus in specific areas of prevention, such as night-time recording or ensuring that large spaces remain constantly protected. You can pick and choose from a range of cameras to suit your security needs, as well as the budget you have available at your disposal.

We also have a wide range of modern and effective cameras, along with a huge range of recording devices and supportive equipment. All of our CCTV is installed by our expert team of electricians to ensure maximum efficiency and complete safety, whether you are in Worksop, Sheffield, Doncaster, Retford, or any of the surrounding areas. All whilst utilising effective management of cameras to make sure you don’t have blind spots in your CCTV network, and ensuring you are not paying overlapping camera systems.

We can also provide door entry equipment which is effective at controlling and monitoring the access ways to your home, business, workplace, or any space you are protecting. This technology ensures people you do not want to enter your premises can’t gain access, a crucial task to ensuring your property remains secure. We have modern door access solutions, including keypads, hands free entry systems, and a range of smart entry equipment. We’re happy to discuss the selection of products and install the most useful product for your property.

Finally, we also have a range of intercoms that can be effectively utilised in order to help protect your property. Our intercoms offer clear and concise audio from an access point to a central control unit, which could be your front door connecting to your bedroom or hallway or could a professional interconnected system for your business premises or office space.

When utilised effectively, these tools are the first line of protection in terms of your security apparatus. Knowing who you let in and out of your property can be very useful, and something that you need as a home, business, or group.

So, if you need security equipment suppling and installing in Worksop, Sheffield, Doncaster, Retford or surrounding areas, we have great security solutions here at SEL Mechanical & Electrical. Our array of modern Door Controls, CCTV, Door Entry technology, and Intercoms will keep you and your property safe.

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